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We book meetings for Coaches, B2B Sales, Service, Technology, Recruiting, and Startups using LinkedIn & Cold Email.

Multichannel Outreach System

Profile Optimization

A well-crafted profile not only attracts potential customers but also improves your chances of being discovered by LinkedIn’s search engine algorithms.

LinkedIn Engagement

Our approach to engagement is strategic, allowing us to turn strangers into interested prospects who are eager to schedule a meeting with you.

Cold Email Campaigns

Our cold email services are designed to help you raise awareness, promote product launches, or secure discovery calls.

Inbox Monitoring

Responding to prospects in a timely manner can increase the chances of conversion. Let us handle this aspect of your outreach so you can focus on other tasks.

Multichannel Outreach

We will set up and manage a comprehensive outreach system that keeps track of your prospects and their place in the buying journey.

Boost Your Sales

Having a strong sales pipeline is crucial for closing more deals. No matter how great your product or service may be, you need to have a steady flow of leads to succeed.



Evan undertook a marketing project for The Leaders Advisory with outstanding results. Evan is methodical, hard-working, personal and shows great care for meeting the brief. Her expertise in taking prospects on a journey is excellent and I look forward to future collaboration.
Tony Walmsley
Leadership Coach
Evan is a very competent and well prepared sales professional. Her material is very clear, she respects her clients schedule and gives straightforward answers to your questions.
Mathieu Larouche - LinkedIn Review
Mathieu Larouche
Recruitment Agency
Phenomenal freelancer. Evan is extremely adept at being able to pick up on exactly what types of tasks you are looking for her to accomplish. She asks all the pertinent questions about the task to ensure that she is clear on the objective. Hands down she is the best.
Ryan Wirth
Vector Connective
Evan is professional, dedicated, and talented. I'd enthusiastically work with them again. Evan delivered above expectations with respect to the goals of this LinkedIn outreach and lead generation project. Evan was always on time for meetings and helped to clarify responsibilities and what was needed in order to move the work forward.
Cesar Gonzales
Thrive Impact
Evan is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable about Lead Generation and Outreach! I was very impressed with the level of detail provided in the strategy created for me. I gained a lot more clarity about what was possible for me to grow my business - Evan was full of ideas and advice about me enhancing how I use LinkedIn. The quality of work was completed to a very high standard - more than I had experienced with other people in the same field. I highly recommend Evan.
Ann Pocock
Kinetic Effect
It's been a great pleasure working with Evan! I recommend her to anyone who is building their Linkedin sales funnel!
EasyContent - Client Review
Dmitri Antonov


We will set up and manage your entire LinkedIn & cold email engine for you:

  • Purchasing of domains
  • Warming up your email accounts
  • Setting up & optimizing your campaigns
  • Purchasing email addresses for each domain
  • Setup all sender emails & manage inboxes for follow-ups
  • Building a targeted, verified prospect list & follow-up tracker
  • Creating, building, and managing LinkedIn profiles for your organization
  • Monthly meetings with our team to ensure the systems are consistently running for success

Success in sales and business development takes time and careful consideration.

Our focus on prospects and proven techniques typically deliver positive results for businesses. However, the success of your campaign will depend on a variety of factors, including your target audience and a compelling offer.

Key considerations include being willing to invest in building relationships and engaging in conversation, even if it means facing rejection. With teamwork and a commitment to the process, I am confident that we can attain successful outcomes.

It takes about two weeks to get your email accounts warmed up before we can start sending. We have clients that are getting results even during the testing phase.

Outcomes can vary. Our clients have seen anywhere from 10 to over 30 scheduled meetings each month.

Unfortunately, we can’t make any promises in regard to specific results.

However, if you have faith in the strategy presented to you and we work together to implement it, anything is possible. Our most successful clients have stayed with us for extended periods of time.

In the event that you are not seeing at least half of the expected outcomes within 90 days of partnering with us, we will make every effort to support you until your goals are achieved.

Ready To Scale Your Business?

Book a 1-on-1 planning session with me to see how you can fill up your business with quality clients.


Hi, it’s Evan!

I’m a LinkedIn strategist and a huge fan of cold emailing. I’m always looking to learn and grow, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

Sales and marketing are constantly evolving, and what worked years ago may not be effective today. It takes time and effort to make an impression on a prospect – often 7 or more interactions. And even then, only a small percentage of customers are ready to make a purchase right away.

Unfortunately, many companies still use old-fashioned tactics and strategies that simply don’t work.

At E&T, my goal is to give you the same edge that other top-performing companies have. Our approach to outbound marketing is all about creating a personal, multichannel strategy that puts your brand front and center in the minds of your prospects, and keeps your pipeline overflowing with opportunities.